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Living the New Story: Cosmology, Justice, Poetry and the Planet, July 9 – 11th

In Esalen CA, posted on June 21, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Drew Dellinger is the author of the well known poem “Planetize the Movement” which has become an iconic work of art for the ecology and social justice movements. As well as being an international speaker, teacher, performer and author, he is also a scholar of the work and lives of Thomas Berry and Martin Luther King Jr.

Drew will be leading a workshop at Esalen July 9th – 11th. Here is an excerpt of the description:

“This workshop engages issues of cosmology—our worldview or cultural story—as well as social justice, ecology, and art. We will stretch our minds around the awe-inspiring thirteen-billion-year history of the universe, and the current movements for global justice and earth democracy. Additionally…” (I thought I’d leave it that way so you click to read the whole thing. :))

Having had the privileged to hear Drew in person on a few occasions, and getting a sense of his integrity and fierceness, I am positive that this workshop will be utterly, phenomenally awesome.


  1. It’s 2011 and my hope is that the big bang theory has gone away by now, so I hope that is not what is referred to here as the “New Story” for gosh sakes. A nice quote from a cosmology conference years ago; “anyone still considering this has not been paying attention”. Visiting “The Center For The Story of The Universe” one time, excited that this must be an archive for countless cosmologies from around the world, I had a good belly laugh with the wide eyed person at the desk explained that it was a sort of shrine for The Big Bang Theory. This was around 1996 so I figured it must be closed down by now due to lack of interest. Thanks.

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