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September 23rd, Sacred Alchemy Concert & Party, San Rafael, CA

In San Rafael CA, posted on August 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm

These nice people asked me to please post their event on this calendar, so I hope y’all hear the call and join the par’tay, in person or “simulcast”!


Join Devaa Haley and friends in celebration of the official release of her debut album, Sacred Alchemy!  Concert and party Friday, September 23rd at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, CA, 7:30 to 10 PM.  This event will also be simulcast for those not local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more and get advance tickets at


Sacred Alchemy introduces 13 facets of full-spectrum femininity with songs that evoke the archetypal energies of goddesses from the world’s spiritual traditions. Each song has a specific feel or texture to it – something that connects us inside to the fullness of feminine expression. For example the song “Tara” explores the softer yin aspects of compassion, “Saraswati” reveals the playful and creative energies of the muse, “Shekinah” offers the wisdom of the Crone, “Isis” delivers the no-bullshit-tell-it-like-it-is Fierce Feminine, and “Aphrodite” expresses the sensual pleasures of the flesh.

“It’s time to welcome the full range of feminine energies on our planet and in our lives,” said Devaa Haley. “My goal with this album was to express 13 very different faces of the goddess so that people can experience and relate to the diversity of feminine power and expression. Each song has a very different flavor and taken together, Sacred Alchemy, is a full celebration and representation of the feminine spirit that is rising-up across the globe.”

If you long to live with passionate fullness connected to the sacred, whether you’re a woman or a man, the songs on this album promise to reveal the bountiful gifts of the feminine.

About Devaa Haley
Devaa Haley Mitchell is a spiritual guide, public speaker and musician, offering devotional music and Soulful Women programs to support the feminine awakening of our planet.  She co-founded and hosts the Inspiring Women Summit, a virtual gathering of more than 53,000 participants from 160 countries. More info at:

The Sacred Awakening Series

In Available Online, posted on February 21, 2010 at 5:59 pm

What would it be like to join 40 of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders to dialogue about the question ~

“How can we live a truly sacred life?”

The Shift Network has put together an astounding collection of top authorities on the subject of Awakening and the expanding of consciousness.

The event was launched on February 18th and featured Gangagi.  I attended the call and all I can say is, wow!  The presence this woman exudes (even through the phone) is palpable.  One of the main takeaways I received from the call was the importance of staying in the place of grace, flow and divine receptivity.   One of the single most important things that impacted her transformation came from her teacher who simply said… “stop looking.”

Stop looking and participate in this series ( and let the wisdom of these teachers fill you!

Oh, and the technology they are using…Maestro Conference, gives you an interactive experience with the teachers.

Be Divine,