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Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium – January 26, 2010

In Berkeley CA, posted on January 25, 2010 at 9:40 pm

I’ve been meaning to check this out.   Unfortunately I’ll be tied up tomorrow and can’t make it.  If anyone has been or attends tomorrow, please let me know how you enjoyed it.  I’ve heard great things about the work they are doing.



Common Circle Education - Permaculture Education

The team at Common Circle Education is absolutely thrilled
to invite you to an extraordinary evening gathering,
“Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium”

“The Symposium is designed to accelerate the Great Turning
to a just and sustainable world. It awakens us and reconnects
us with our place in the web of life. ” ~Joanna Macy

Answering a call from the Achuar Nation of the Ecuadorian
Rainforest to assist in protecting their pristine lands, the
people of the Pachamama Alliance created an empowering,
engaging program to create a New American Dream:

“To Create an Environmentally Sustainable, Socially Just,
and Spiritually Fulfilling Human Presence on the Earth.”

This life-changing multimedia presentation features leaders
including Paul Hawken, Julia Butterfly Hill, Van Jones, Thich
Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

In partnership with the Pachamama Alliance, Common Circle
Education is thrilled to present this powerful event that is
taking the world by storm, creating a New American Dream
for a sustainable world.

When: Tuesday, January 26th, 6-10pm
Doors open @ 5:30; please arrive on-time.
Where: Common Circle Education, 2130 Center Street, Berkeley
Cost: FREE