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Awakening the Third Eye, Workshop – February 20-21st, Berkeley

In Berkeley CA, posted on January 29, 2010 at 1:27 pm

As a student of this particular school of transformation since July 2005, I have experienced the awakening power of building vision and “deconstruction.” Truly, I’ve gained more metaphysical insight than I ever imagined was possible.

An experience you might try once and move on…a bit more informed about the workings of subtle bodies.  Or, you may pick up the thread and delve into a full on, modern mystery school…


P.S. Details available via email:


Weekend Meditation Workshop
with Clairvision Instructor, Annie Upthagrove
Feb 20 & 21, 2010

This 2-day workshop is an introduction to the work of Clairvision®, a school of meditation, and the techniques
of Samuel Sagan, MD, PHD, its founder. The ‘Awakening the Third Eye’ workshops present a systematic
process to begin developing the third eye, the command center of the body of energy.
The techniques are straightforward, and the results are immediate and tangible. A structured meditation
and systematic techniques are taught to awaken subtle perception. This style of work is designed for seekers
who want direct perception of non-physical worlds, not theoretical speculations, and want to apply this work in
their daily lives.
  1. This event is going to be rescheduled…to be continued.

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