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David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos Convergence Conference–Jan. 22-24 2010

In San Francisco CA, posted on January 25, 2010 at 12:28 am

One of the many cool things happening this weekend is/was this event put on by someone I only know about because a very, very brainy friend attended. (Rick, I hope you post a review. :))

Wilcock’s website is: You can see a sample of Wilcock himself here.

I must admit a certain trepidation about a guy who apparently wrote a whole book about how he may very well be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Of course, I’d bet if I read it, I’d be fairly convinced. This guy is nothing if not convincing…


  1. With an invitation like that,f.c., how could I resist? I’d like to review this event first by way of seconding the sources f.c. cites. Much of the material that one witnesses at a Wilcock presentation has already been made Freely available in audio/video/print on his website/youtube/project_camelot; as it has evolved over about 10 years. In a nutshell, the body of work presents a scientifically supported hypothesis of DNA evolution as a result of interaction with new light incident upon this part of the galaxy in which our solar system increasingly finds itself.

    that which is particularly unique about a live convergence experience includes: special nuggets reserved for just such event audiences, literally the latest and greatest insider intel/tidbits and current developments, and scheduled/unscheduled collaborative presentations of compatible material (ACIM – A Course in Miracles, courtesy David’s musical cohort, Larry Seyer) and visual/motion living art performance entitled Phaedroid via Androidjones and partner. ( )

    Aside from the approx 12 hours of direct powerpoint presented material, the adjunct ACIM, DW & co. live music offerings and Phaedroid, David treated participants with spontaneous dream analysis/presentation/interpretation of audience volunteers, guided meditation, and a continuity of Om-ing. The 3-day event left several windows of opportunity for networking and connecting with the requisite like-minded lightworkers in attendance.

    It is fair to say the event was activating for more than just myself, as my new accomplices can corroborate.

    I do recommend DW’s DC website, for further details of the heavily referenced material.

    Be well.


  2. Relearn, Reconceive Cosmic And Life Evolution:

    Pre-History Of History?
    Life’s Genesis Was Not Cells, But
    First Gene’s Self Reproduction

    A. From “Pre-History of Life: Elegantly Simple Organizing Principles Seen in Ribosomes”

    – Hints from relics of…evolution left behind in MODERN cells.

    – Evolution of the MODERN genetic code likely followed a long period of chemical evolution.

    – Before the last universal common ancestor the ribosome emerged from an early evolutionary stage of life to help with the translation of the genetic code.

    – We believe:
    – that the genetic code was established in two different stages. Our data does not shed much light on the early code, consisting of prebiotically available amino acids.
    – once some primitive translational mechanism had been established, new amino acids were added to the mix and started infiltrating the genetic code based on specific amino acid/anticodon interactions.

    B. This comment is NOT re the genetic mechanism of specifying amino acids compositions of proteins. It is only re the origin and scenario of life’s genesis.

    I have been proposing:

    * Life’s genesis was not cell(s), but the self reproduction of yet uncelled ungenomed gene(s).

    * There was NOT any “Pre-History Of Life” evolving in an archaic pre-modern life cell.

    * Cells were definitely NOT life’s genesis. Cells were products of evolution of Earth’s primal organisms, of Earth’s first stratum organisms, the RNA genes that have always been and still are running the show of life, the energy-storing biosphere survival, since Earth life’s day one.

    * A gene’s self reproduction was distinctly an evolutionary, enhanced energy constraint event, above the earlier, random, radiated-energy-induced genes formations.

    * Every evolutionary step is inherently an event of an enhanced energy constraint.

    * Genomes, RNA and DNA, are functional organs evolved by the primary RNA genes. Cell membranes are also functional organs evolved by the primary RNA gene.

    * Life is but one of the many many mass formats in the universe, and its evolution is driven as the evolution of all cosmic mass formats, to gain temporary enhanced energy constraint, i.e. to survive as long as possible.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)
    03.2010 Updated Life Manifest
    Cosmic Evolution Simplified
    “Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos”

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